How To Get 1,000 Followers On TikTok In Your First 5 days

by Hudson Rose

Grow 1,000 Followers On TikTok In Your First 5 days

In case you are unfamiliar with  TikTok, users create mini movies up to 60 seconds long, which include pictures and/or video along with music, text and audio messages. Typically, people post videos that are 10 – 15 seconds in length.

TikTok is a growing platform with approximately 100,000 million users active every month in the United States alone. People post about any and everything, there are people posting on every single topic you would find on any other social media platform. Interestingly, doctors are some of the most popular accounts and a trending hashtag this week is DIY!

I have been pleasantly surprised with how positive, encouraging and funny the people are on TikTok. I wish I had found this community earlier, but I’m glad I have it now.

Why Grow Your Presence?

If you have a small business or are considering selling a service or product TikTok is a great platform to gain awareness for your business. Even if you are a regional business, the videos you see on your feed and the people that your videos will go out to are located near you, so this platform can still benefit you.

Another benefit on TikTok is that once you gain 10,000 followers you can apply to be a part of the creator fund, once approved you will receive $0.02 for every view you receive on your videos. If you have a creative side that you have not been able to fully express in other areas of your life, being a content creator on Tik Tok may be a way for you to do so and earn some extra money.

Also, why not?

How Long Does it Take To Grow?

I decided to join TikTok with the goal of obtaining 10,000 followers to become monetized. Within 5 days on TikTok I had 1,000 followers. I then used my momentum to get 500 followers in 24 hours (this was a weekend), and then I achieved 2,000 followers after only 9 total days on the platform (so 1,000 in 5 days then another 1,000 in 4 more days). If I keep up this pace I should have 10,000 followers within 6 weeks of opening my account.

This is not easy, but it is doable. If you are new to TikTok or if you are now hoping to grow your TikTok channel, there are certain things that you can do to increase your chances of accomplishing your goals. I watched a ton of youtube videos mostly by Robert Benjamin on how to succeed on TikTok and after listening to his advice, then trying things out on my own, these are the top things that helped me to gain 1,000 followers in only 5 days:

Top 5 Tips To Gain Followers On TikTok

  1. Interact with people you do not know on the for you page to expand your followers.
  2. Respond to everyone who interacts with your videos so that you secure an interactive community of followers.
  3. Duet other successful TikTok videos in your niche.
  4. Create videos that incorporate trending/viral songs, hashtags and effects.
  5. Be honest, if a stranger saw your profile would they want to follow you?

Ask Yourself, What Makes You Follow Someone?

On any social media platform think about what makes you follow someone and then you need to do those things yourself to gain followers. Typically, I ask myself three main questions:

  1. Is this a real person?
  2. Do I have something in common with them? or
  3. Do they have a unique/different perspective from me that I would like to hear more from?

#5 Profile Basics

To make sure people know you are a real person, you should fill in your user name information appropriately. Even if you do not want to use your full name you can use something associated with your business so that the name people see is not user and a random grouping of numbers.

Aside from your user name, have a real picture up or a photo of something associated with your business. I do not like to follow profile pictures of avatars or if it is a celebrity photo.

Next, your bio is important! There are so many people who say they want to grow on TikTok and they do not have anything written for their bio. When you do not put anything, your profile literally says “no bio.” This is a big mistake.

In the 3 seconds I am giving your profile to do an initial determination if I might follow you I’m not going to watch your videos to find out more about you. I’m looking at user name, picture and bio. If those things check out then I will move on to watch and interact with your videos.

For your bio you can include information about you or your business, your interests, what state or region you are in and what your followers can expect to hear from you. Remember, do not give out too much information on social media that would provide a stranger with your exact address or personal identification information (I avoid giving my full name, DOB, address, social, driver’s license, etc.).

#4 Trending Content

When you log into TikTok on the bottom of your screen will be options from left to right : home, discover, plus sign, inbox and me (profile).

After you click on the home button, at the top of the screen you will see two options at the top of the screen: following and For You. If you click following you will see what people you follow are posting. If you click For You,  you will see content from other accounts that the TikTok algorithm thinks you want to see. It is your goal to get your content on the For You page of everyone else so that you can gain more followers.

To get on the For You page, you should use trending music, effects and hashtags. To do this, go back to the bottom of the screen and tap discover. There will pop up the trending hashtags, music and effects. If you see something you want to use, click on that trend and then hit the bottom of the page plus sign.

Another way to do this is to go straight to the plus sign at the bottom of your screen, then at the top center of the screen it will say sounds. Once you click on that a bunch of options come up including TikTok Viral next to the fire emoji, click that and see what are the most popular sounds to select.

Now that you selected your sound, on the bottom left it says effects, click that, and the first options that pop up are trending. Green Screen, Portrait Mode, bling bling, disco are some examples of popular effects people add to their videos as of February 2021.

After you finish editing your video, you can type in hashtags and use trending hashtags that you see, but also mix in some hashtags with a lower view count 2 million or less. I have decided I want to use geographic hashtags to get on pages of local videos, I’ll update to let you know if this expands my impact. Using hashtags that are specific to the topic of the video or your niche is also helpful.

#3 Duet Viral Videos That Fit Your Niche

This tactic helped me to go from only getting 100 views on my videos to getting 400 plus. I plan to continue making Duet videos that I enjoy and want to react to.

In order to duet a video, as you are  watching on the right hand side of the video are some buttons, one of them is an arrow that says share. Click that and you’ll see grey button options at the bottom of the screen, the one with 2 circles says duet, click that.

On the right hand side of the screen you’ll see layout if you want to change the layout of the duet. Also there is button called Mic you’ll want to tap that so that it is not crossed off so that your voice can be recorded in the Duet.

Did you forget to record your voice but you love the video you recorded, its ok. You’ll be given another option to record but it’ll be dubbed over your video.

#2 Respond to Everyone Who Interacts With Your Videos

Your goal should not merely be to gain followers but to foster an active community that engages with you and your videos regularly. To do this, you should be interacting with everyone who took the time to like or comment on your videos.

To do this, go to the bottom button that looks like mail, which is your inbox. There will be notification that pop up for people who comment on your videos and those who like or give your video a heart. You should go to each of those individuals pages, watch one or more of their videos, like and give meaningful comments back to them on their videos.

I do this for everyone who has followed, liked or commented on my videos. If I really enjoy their content I will follow them back. If the person has not yet followed me, I will follow them after I watch and comment on/like a few of their videos. If they have not followed you back a few days later you can always unfollow them if they really do not care to interact with you on TikTok.

#1 Engage With Other People’s Videos

To do this go to the for you page that we discussed earlier. When you come across a video that you enjoy, like it. Go to the person’s page, do they have a lot of followers? Go back to the video, are there not a lot of comments yet? Comment something clever, thoughtful, ask a question, be encouraging.

When I do this, days later I’m still having people like and reply to the comments I made. I can then engage those people, check out their profiles, interact with them and their followers through their content.

This helps to expand your reach and really showcase your personality and the type of community you are hoping to build (an interactive one!).

Be careful though, do not just go and start following 100 people in a row without liking and commenting on videos. TikTok will tell you that you are following too fast and put you in TikTok Jail aka make you wait a certain period of time before you can begin following more people. This has only happened to me on one occasion though because I am always liking/commenting and interacting on the ap so following a large number of people each day is not an issue.

The key here is to be genuine in your comments and likes. Sometimes I have to watch multiple videos on someone’s page before I find one that resonates with me and goes along with my value system. But it is worth it to me to not be fake or just like something to get them to follow me.

There are some videos that will come up on your for you page, which are follow parties or follow trains. While these do work to gain followers, the key here is to actually interact with the people who do follow you from that. Go to their page, like/comment thoughtfully and build an actual relationship/connection to the person so that they will do the same with your content.

Quality over quantity, and as you continue to build up your followers you’ll have a true community of people who are invested in your journey and who you have come to look forward to interacting with as well.

Don’t forget to have fun and that sometimes luck strikes but keep working hard until it does.

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