Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Beachbody

by Hudson Rose
Achieve Your Fitness Goals With Beachbody

Why I love Beachbody

I am officially a Beachbody coach, so if you are considering signing up as a member or a coach please join my team! I typically use my IPad to play my Beachbody workout videos and connect it to an HDMI and the workout is then playing on my TV in my Livingroom.

I first came across Beachbody in 2004 at the age of 18 after I had my first son. My mom had always done at home workout videos when I was growing up and it just seemed like a great idea for me since I did not have a babysitter to go to the gym.

At that time I purchased the slim in 6 program and loved it! I lost all my baby weight from doing that program twice. Here is why I still love Beachbody nearly 2 decades later!

You Do it At Home

You don’t have to make yourself presentable, get in your car, drive to the gym and meet a trainer at a particular time. This saves so much time, gas, and effort.

The ability to wake up, wear pajamas or lose old ragged clothing with a sloppy bun no make-up and morning breath, this is my favorite aspect of the Beachbody Platform.

I don’t have to worry about my muffin top blinding someone from across the gym as I plank or jump about, I can do my thing with no shame and just focus on giving every move my entire effort, zero split focus.

Also, once I’m done working out, I don’t have to commute home, I just run upstairs to get ready for the rest of the day and it seems to be an easier more seamless way to incorporate working out consistently in your schedule.

Also, it is a streaming service. So if you are on vacation or traveling for work you can still access the workouts online or download them to your device before you leave and do them from anywhere.

It is Affordable

Beachbody is a fitness subscription, you can buy different packages to get a particular discount but if you solely want to be a member and get access to various fitness programs online (streaming) it’s about $8 a month.

Beachbody also has a ton of products that so many people love. The additional products are also optional, you don’t have to use them to join the streaming service (this is what I do right now).

There are many workout programs on the platform that solely use body weight (so you do not need any equipment). I bought a few free weights, some resistance bands and a yoga mat but they really are not necessary if you are just starting out.

There Is Something For Everyone

I would consider it a family platform. No matter your age or physical capability there is a program for you on Beachbody. My toddler literally follows along and mimics the workout movements while I work out, it is so cute! I’m actually surprised at how coordinated he is.

My teenage son uses it to! He has done many programs (often not all the way through, he changes it up) insanity Max 30, 22 Mins Hardcore and  Lift 4 are some of his favorites. It is really great while he is taking online classes with high school and at home, this provides him a great way to get his exercise in and remain healthy instead of sitting on the computer all day without moving his body.

There are workout videos where the focus is building muscle and lifting heavy weights, others where the focus is fast paced cardio to burn fat while others offer low impact slow burn.

I also love that all of the videos will have one person doing advanced movements, one doing regular movements and one doing modified movements. That way if you need low impact you have someone to follow regardless of the workout program and someone who is extremely fit can do the same workout as you and follow the advanced movements.

Another interesting fact, I really think the Beachbody program 80 Day Obsession should be called the baby maker! I’m not sure what it is about that program but after doing only 2 months of the program I got pregnant!

I just felt like my body was functioning different when I was doing this program. I felt things were moving and getting revved up lol. What I loved was that it really focused on core strength. It was building muscle on the inside of my hips I did not know existed. I was standing up straighter and felt very strong and fit.

I love the Beachbody programs because they all focus on functional movements you need to be able to do in everyday life and they also combine movements so it is like you are getting a full body workout with each move!

I Love The Results

The results speak for themselves. Beachbody has lasted the test of time as a company because they are producing workout programs that get results if you follow them. That’s it.

You literally follow their food guides and press play on the video. It’s a no brainer. Beachbody also has such an uplifting strong community of people to keep you motivated and help uplift you throughout your journey to physical health.

I have fallen off the program for a little while now as I moved, changed jobs, had a baby and the list goes on and on but I’m about to get back into the zone of working out with my Beachbody programs and eating healthy!

What are your fitness goals for 2021? Connect with me on Beachbody by making me your coach so that we can keep each other motivated on this journey!

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Susanne March 18, 2021 - 11:07 pm

THank you for taking the time to write in such a comprehensive manner on a – to me, at least – totally new platform! I was laughing out loud while reading your reasoning on working out at home instead of going to the gym. Especially liked this sentence: “The ability to wake up, wear pajamas or lose old ragged clothing with a sloppy bun no make-up and morning breath, this is my favorite aspect of the Beachbody Platform.” Yup, that’s me too, but then, in my yoga practice. As I do feel I could use some more inspiration in the abs department and I haven’t yet found the right yoga asanas to help me strengthen my core, I will check out the Beachbody platform. Already excited about all the content I will be able to find 🙂 Thank you! Love, Susanne


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