Homemaking Tips and Tricks: What Every Mom Should Know

by Hudson Rose
Homemaking Tips and Tricks: What Every Mom Should Know

Secrets to Homemaking You Need To Know

Aiming for success in homemaking is a lofty goal as the hard work is never ending and you are always on call. While there is no way around the labor in this loving role, there are ways to make homemaking easier. Over the past year I’ve been doing reconnaissance amongst my fellow homemakers and learning from my own mistakes. Here are a few gems that may help you along your own homemaking journey. 

The Put Together Homemakers

The moms who are glammed out have my utmost respect because they sacrifice an hour of sleep in order to get ready in the morning. I have come to learn that they wake up an hour before their kids to get ready. But I have come to learn that they also typically have children that sleep through the night. 

Personally, my son is almost 2 and has never been a good sleeper. Needless to say I rarely accomplish a respectable level of glam and feel if your children are not sleeping through the night perhaps this goal of daily glam is best left until later on. 

Still, every household is different. Be kind to yourself. If doing your hair and make up daily is worth it to you to get up an hour before you child, then make it happen! But otherwise, seriously, don’t sweat it. Complement the moms that do and keep it moving with that tres chic messy bun. 

The Well Maintained Homemaker

So what I have come to learn is that the house is easier to maintain if you have fewer things and proper storage for your items. This sounds really obvious to some but for many, myself included, it was something I had to learn. 

A great place to purge things you do not need is the kitchen! Get rid of the kitchen utensils and items that you do not use regularly and pack them away in storage. It is worth it to have a clean working space or drawers that don’t get stuck every time you go to open them. 

Particularly, small kitchen appliances do not need to be left out, even if you use them daily. If the coffee maker is only used once in the morning, think of it like the pan you use to make your breakfast. You take it out only while using it, you don’t leave your pans on the counter tops. 

Lack of counter space is a common issue, perhaps you are in need of a kitchen cart that also offers storage. Proper storage is a key to being organized and having a clean and clear space. 

Another example is below the sink storage organizers, or linen closet shelving. There are many areas that are underutilized due to lack of storage. 

home storage

As you move on to other rooms, find a style of storage that you like and get your supplies! I recently decided on 3 colors and styles of baskets that I will be exclusively using throughout the house. I feel they contrast each other nicely and provide consistency in my decor without monotony. 

Next room to room and if something does not belong in that room, remove it. It either goes into the garbage, another proper place, or a bin of the items that you don’t know where to place yet. If after doing this there is still some disorganization, you need more storage in that room (either furniture or baskets). 

Another helpful organizing tool is to have large plastic storage bins labeled for seasonal decor or holiday decor, so that when you go to rotate your decor around the house it is simple, you know where it goes and where to store it (garage, attic or basement). 

Also, if you do not already have them, buy proper storage cases for your Christmas tree, ornaments and holiday decor, you will feel like a new person!

The Super Clean Homemaker

When I go to homes that are impeccably clean the truth is that they take as much time as they can to clean before company arrives. Another important habit the super clean homemaker has is to continuously clean all day. If their child tracks in dirt they immediately clean it, seems obvious but it is easier said than done. 

By putting things away immediately and not plopping them on the dining room table, they avoid clutter and avoid having to spend a large chunk of time cleaning, they clean in smaller bursts throughout the day as needed. 

clean home

If you are looking to step your game up even more, I have come to learn the shocking truth that the people with very clean homes clean their floors, like mop and/or vacuum, nightly.  One day perhaps I will reach this level of homemaking!

It is important to note that if you are not properly sleeping or if you have a toddler that follows you around making the mess worse than before you picked it up, perhaps this is not the right time to worry about keeping the house impeccably clean. 

For every house the level of cleanliness should be appropriate for the stage/season the family is in. Simply getting into the habit of putting the kitchen away, the dishes being washed in the dishwasher overnight and surfaces wiped down before going to bed could be a nice view to wake up to in the morning is enough!

As you are able to, reserving some energy to quickly pick up items to put them back into their proper place after your little one has gone down, this is helpful. I notice my toddler seems much more engaged with his toys when he wakes up to an organized space.  

I purchased an irobot vacuum that can do some of the work for you to keep the floors dusted during the day. 

Another great habit of the super cleaner homemaker is to clean/organize the refrigerator before your weekly grocery trip so that you know what you have and need to avoid overspending and keep items easy to access. 

The Every Activity Homemaker

There’s the PTA mom, the mom who runs the local bible study and the mom who seems to always know the details of upcoming local social events. These ladies never fail to impress me and if you aspire to be like them, befriend them. They naturally promote the information they know in every conversation they have. 

The truth is that they spend their free time looking into and/or preparing for these endeavors, you can certainly do the same! Even if you are introverted, showing up and getting on the text chain, facebook group or email list for updates is important to getting in with these tight knit circles.  

Communication is Key

If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed you should be communicating that with your spouse and working together to figure out the best plan forward to alleviate that issue. If your spouse is reassuring that they see how hard you are working, maybe that’s all you need to hear! 

Raising up a family and running a household smoothly is a great responsibility and we all do it in the best way we can. Keep pushing forward, you’re doing great!

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