Continue to Grow on TikTok Once You Have 1,000 Followers

by Hudson Rose
Continue to Grow on TikTok Once You Have 1,000 Followers

How to Continue to Grow on TikTok Beyond 1,000 Followers

First of all, congratulations on achieving the milestone of gaining 1,000 followers on TikTok! Unfortunately, you cannot ride the wave to 10,000 followers for monetization. To the contrary, your work has just begun. Use your momentum and continue growing steadily by using the following tips to improve your results with the TikTok algorithm.

Analyze Your Overall Profile Analytics

To find your overall analytics on TikTok, go to the bottom right hand corner where your profile button is, click it, then on the top right corner are 3 dots, press that. Once you click that, scroll down to where it says creator and then click on analytics. If this is not showing up for you perhaps you need to make your account a creator account, which option is on the same profile menu.  

Once you access your analytics you’ll be able to see the peak times of day that more of your followers are online. These are the times you should post your videos each day. For me I am trying to schedule posts at 11am/12pm, 3pm, 5- 7pm and 9 pm. 

Yes, possibly four posts a day! 

I posted 4 times a day for a few days but realized my 3 pm videos did not do as well, so I will likely change to only 3 posts a day and stop doing the 3 pm post. Sometimes you have to keep experimenting to find out what works for you and your audience.  

Get Insights From Specific Video Analytics

You should also analyze the analytics of a specific video of yours that did very well and compare that to one that did not do well. To do this, go to your profile, open the video that you want to view the analytics and there will be three horizontal dots second to the bottom of the video on the right hand side. On the bottom row of grey buttons all the way to the left it says analytics, click that. 

There you will be able to see if your videos went to the For You page (this is your goal) by seeing where most of the views on this video came from. You can also see how long people watched the video for on average (you want increased watch time). The analytics on particular videos can help direct you on areas that you need to improve because you can determine what analytics were important for the successful videos compared to videos that did not take off.

LIVE Sessions Are Rewarded by the TikTok Algorithm 

If you want to learn the physical steps of how to go LIVE and the basics of that feature, you can read about that in my previous post about beating the algorithm to go viral. I won’t be repeating the same information. 

Since my last article, I now fully appreciate how important it is to go LIVE after you post a video. For some reason Tiktok not only pushes your Live session to the for you page it also helps to get your recently posted videos on people’s for you page.  

How many times a day? As many as you post! So whenever the time frame is that you decide based upon our analytics (or checking LIVE to see who is online) that’s when you will post your video and then also go LIVE or a little bit. A little time is better than no time but I have been going LIVE for 20 minutes increments 3 times a day and i’m already seeing the positive impact. 

I was wondering why people go LIVE while cooking, cleaning, getting ready, sitting in their car…. it’s because you have to go LIVE so that TikTok favors your posts. 

Think of it like this, if you wrote a book the publisher is going to make you do interviews and help market the book. So, with every video post you gotta do a little LIVE marketing session for you/your page/your videos.

Another benefit to going LIVE is that even if you are in TikTok Jail for following too fast, you can still follow people while in your own and others LIVE sessions. I have been taking advantage of this and also being more assertive about following people I meet in the LIVE sessions. I’ve only been blocked from 1 LIVE so far but I’ve gained hundreds of followers this way, so those are pretty good statistics. 

I have also realized that by going LIVE, TikTok will also break you out of jail sooner. I had been told I was following too fast, prevented from following anyone, but after going LIVE for 20 minutes I could then follow people again. If you do not do this then you won’t be able to follow anyone for hours if not a full day. 

Improve Your Content

There is no way around this. You have to eventually solidify what types of things you’ll be posting and get better at: editing, effects, hashtags, text, storylines, hooks, and encouraging engagement. Continue to focus and improve upon how you incorporate trending music/themes/concepts, but apply them to your own life or the message you want to get out. 

You might have to record your video multiple times before you get it just right. You may have to change around the text or the sound. Perhaps you should start filming and editing your videos and saving them in drafts before posting them (the drafts button is right next to the red post button). Give some time, go back and watch them, maybe you’ll have fresh ideas to improve them. 

Even after doing this, I still think of ways I could have improved my videos immediately after I post them. It is so frustrating! But that is the learning process and hopefully you continue to create better content everyday. 

Also, in order to improve your content, you should be analyzing the content creators or people in your field who are successful on TikTok. What elements do their videos have? Perhaps you can adopt a similar editing but bring in your own individual message and unique style. 

Keep working hard, the more you post the better you will get. 

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