Growing On TikTok: Realistic Goal Setting For 0 to 5,000 Followers

by Hudson Rose

Growing On TikTok: Realistic Goal Setting For 0 to 5,000 Followers

This article focuses on how to win over the TikTok algorithm with slow and steady growth of your account. TikTok has put in many features to ensure the safety of the content and users, which makes slow and steady growth the way most people on the platform will have to grow. If you are in the majority of people, it is important to set realistic goals for growth on TikTok so that you do not get burnt out and instead can be consistent and see steady growth.

Basics To Growth On Social Media

In order to grow on TikTok you have to have as many contacts with other users as possible. Everything you do has the potential to lead to contact with someone. Your goal should be to have as many notifications as possible when you log into TikTok because they will be potential followers. 

You should try to comment on every video you watch and like/interact with the other comments as you go to comment on someone else’s video.  That means interacting with other people’s followers and hoping you liking their comment might cause them to check out your page and follow you. 

Anyone who likes the comment you leave on someone else’s video, you should follow those accounts because they might follow you back. If only a few people lille your comment, then you can actually watch, like and comment on their video as you go to follow them, which increases the odds of them following you back. 

When you go LIVE follow newcomers and engage with them. Also, there will always be a list of recommended users when you go to your notification feed page. If you have been building your community properly these recommended users will be more people in the same community. I have simply just followed them and gotten a ton of follow backs from this. 

Another way to expand the net you are casting to connect with as many people as possible is to go to the feed for videos of people you follow. Comment and interact with their followers, follow the people following them because they are likely in the same group of people you are trying to connect with. 

Right now I have over 5,000 followers, if they each had only 2 followers and I converted all of them to follow me, I would be at 10,000 followers tomorrow! 

The key is to focus on ways that expand your reach/contacts with other users. 

Growth Goals By Days of The Week

I have noticed that Mondays are the slowest days on TikTok unless it is a holiday and everyone is home, then Mondays are busy. In general, I do not think you should post your best material on Mondays and you should not expect to grow more than 100 followers per day Monday – Wednesday. 

Thursday and Friday are great days to post really good content and also to push hard to grow 150 followers per day. 

On weekends you should aim to gain 250 followers per day on the weekends for a total weekend growth of 500 followers. Weekends are the busiest times on TikTok. Truly starting on Fridays and beginning to slow down on Sundays. You should post your best content on Saturdays.

If you stick to this schedule you should grow 1,100 followers per week. This is not only realistic but it avoids you getting burnt out and quitting. If you miss a few of your daily goals, you would likely still grow 1,000 followers a week. 

I try to make sure I am going hard to grow on weekends so that if I am tired during the week or busy I don’t have to feel bad because even growing 500 followers a week is not bad.

Typically you should try to use momentum to grow in bursts when you are able to. 

Best Times To Grow Each Day

I try to follow a bunch of people in the morning and that way if I get flagged from TikTok for following too fast I can take a break and try again the same day but later on. I will also periodically go to look at who I am following and if they have not followed me back I just unfollow them. If you receive a notification of someone interacting with your content, follow them while they are still on TikTok! It’s not weird, that immediate interaction will encourage them to follow you.

Consider Attending Grow Parties

What is a grow party? There are particular TikTok accounts that are exclusively grow hosts. These accounts go LIVE and everyone who joins the LIVE has the intention of growing their TikTok accounts. Others are social media marketing experts who help their followers and clients grow by hosting these parties. Some of my favorite grow hosts are @_tricia_ann_03_ and @mariah_mariya2 as well as @saramichelle.1.

When you are in a grow party it is sensory overload. The host is calling out peoples names to give them attention, giving you instructions on how to win a spot on their list for others to follow you, there’s people giving gifts, liking and sharing the LIVE, tagging you in the comments and the comment thread goes VERY fast typically.

As soon as you get into the LIVE you’ll want to announce yourself. I would focus on what kind of followers you are looking for (example: gamer looking to connect with other gamers or mom looking to connect with other moms). 

Some people will be commenting A for A (active for active meaning they want to like your content and have you like theirs), F for F (follow for follow meaning if you follow them they will follow you), catch for catch (same as follow for follow). 

When people tag your name in the comment thread that means they have followed you and are hoping you will follow them back. You should also tag anyone that you follow so they know you have followed them and gives you more of a presence in the comment thread for others to follow you. 

Anyone in the grow party that already has 100K followers is not going to follow you back, avoid them. There is also a limit, no one can follow more than 10,000 people, so if someone is already following 10,000 people they cannot follow you back. Unless they are another grow host and you want to follow them to attend their grow party, avoid them. 

Some social media experts advise against grow parties because they worry the followers you gain will not necessarily interact with your content. I find you can avoid this issue by focusing on targeting the community of people you want to have as followers to begin with. 

I have met other moms in grow parties and as their content comes up on my following page I interact with it and eventually they reciprocate and we form a legitimate TikTok friendship where we support each other’s content/goals.

A good strategy is also to pop in and out of the grow party. Go to the grow party for 10 minutes, take a break, go back 30 minutes later there will be new people in the party. I also avoid anyone without a real photo or bio. Find people who actually produce content in your area of interest to connect with.

Another issue with grow parties is some people try to be slick and while they may follow you or follow you back the same day as the grow party but then they will unfollow you the next day or a few days later. I will periodically check and make sure everyone I am following is my friend, if they aren’t and I am just following them, I unfollow that account. 

Don’t forget, you are trying to build an interactive community! Be interactive!

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